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Simplify Migrations with a Single Deployment Unit

Written by Ben Cook

Ben has been helping organisations with enterprise application delivery and system migrations for over 15 years. Ben joined the ManagementStudio team in 2015 as a Senior Product Specialist. He's based in Hackney, London, where he loves to spend time with his family, cook and keep fit through cycling.

June 8, 2023

In ManagementStudio Deployment Units (DUs) are designed to enable the scheduling of users, devices or some other asset type for change or migration. It’s common to manage tranches of migrations by location or department. ManagementStudio supports multiple DUs (e.g. one per location/department), but it’s also possible to simplify the management in ManagementStudio by using a single DU for the entire project.

See here for details on how to achieve this.

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