Book regular one-to-one sessions with a ManagementStudio consultant to customise your processes and boost your project.


Let’s Do This Together

All of our customers have access to our free mentoring service. It’s designed to help organisations get their projects off the ground as quickly as possible by benefitting from the experience that we’ve built up from hundreds of customers. We want to share what works, new ways of doing things, and empower you to take your project or operations to new levels.


How Does It Work?

Mentoring usually starts a week or two after you have been trained and had time to familiarise yourself with ManagementStudio. It’s not designed to replace your training so it’s really important that you’re comfortable with the interface and understand the basic concepts of the product.

We’ll setup a weekly one-hour call to talk about where you are in your project, what’s coming next, challenges you might have or the quick wins that we can help you realise. We’ll show you features in the platform that you might not have seen yet, or talk about new ways of approaching the work, to help you become the ManagementStudio expert within your business.

Who Is This For?

We typically work with people in roles that have visibility of the priorities, the overall strategy, and planning but anyone that uses ManagementStudio as part of their role is welcome to join the sessions. There’s is always something new to learn!

The only pre-requisite it that your organisation has an active support agreement in place.

How Many People Can Join The Sessions?

We tend to find that smaller groups work better so that we can cover your objectives and still allow time questions or follow-up. We don’t limit numbers though and encourage all users to join to improve their product knowledge.

Is this a chargeable service?

Not at all, the mentoring service is free of charge to all active customers.

Larger pieces of work with defined outcomes would be covered under by the Professional Services team.

How Do I Get Started?

If you would like to start your mentoring sessions, complete the form below and one of the team will be in touch.

Getting Started with ManagementStudio Mentoring

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Taking the next step

We’re with you for every step of the process.  From raising support tickets to searching our knowledge base, or extending your capabilities with our knowledge packs, there’s a wealth of information available to get the most out of ManagementStudio.