Getting Started with ManagementStudio

We’ve built an extensive collection of material to support your ManagementStudio experience.  Whether it’s advice from a consultant or self-paced learning, you’ll find everything you need to create a system that underpins your business processes.

Learning Paths for every need

Get Support

If you’ve hit a block and need a helping hand, take a look at our Support Portal.  It’s the place to find extensive documentation and guides, or raise a ticket if you need assistance from one of the team.


Keep up to date with announcements, events, and training opportunities from the ManagementStudio team.

Use Case Additions

Extend the functionality of ManagementStudio with self-paced, in-depth guides.  From designing email templates to automating your workflow, these advanced techniques will simplify your operational processes.


Mentoring brings the experience of our Professional Service team to guide you through creating a ManagementStudio that simplifies and underpins your business processes.

All existing customers have access to this complimentary service.

Let’s Start Something New

Whether you’re about to embark on a large transformation, are investigating how you can improve your BAU, or have an idea that you would like to discuss, we would love to hear from you!