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IT transformation fatigue? Time to bust those big bang blues

Computer Weekly, May 2024.

Analyst Dale Vile, of Freeform Dynamics, discusses the issue of IT transformation fatigue from large-scale projects and promotes a continuous, iterative approach. It discusses ManagementStudio’s capability to enhance IT environments through data integration, automation, and real-time insights. This method helps organisations manage ongoing transformations more effectively, avoiding the challenges of traditional large-scale migrations and ensuring accessible, up-to-date data for informed decision-making.

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Navigating a successful IT transformation

Digitalisation World, May 2024.

Matt Walker, senior product specialist at ManagementStudio, outlines five key principles for successful IT transformation: establishing a comprehensive baseline of the IT environment, validating data accuracy, maintaining effective communication, leveraging automation for deployment, and providing robust support. These steps help ensure smooth transitions, minimise disruptions, and enhance colleague engagement, ultimately setting the foundation for ongoing efficiency and innovation.

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Press Release: ManagementStudio helps leading UK bank to expedite AVD migration

UK Tech News, April 2024.

ManagementStudio announces the UK’s largest retail bank has migrated 14,000 desktops from Citrix to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). Using ManagementStudio, the migration team shaved nine months off the project timeframe. The cost savings that ManagementStudio has delivered in just man-hours alone are estimated at over £160,000.

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ManagementStudio shaves nine months off Citrix to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Migration

Digitalisation World, April 2024.

ManagementStudio helped a major UK retail bank migrate 14,000 desktops from Citrix to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), reducing the project duration by nine months. This move also cut AVD license costs by identifying 6,000 unused desktops, saving over £160,000 in resource-hours. ManagementStudio, long embedded in the bank’s infrastructure, played a crucial role in ensuring the migration’s success by increasing efficiency and reducing manual errors.

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Press Wire: Largest UK Retail Bank Continues Streamlining Its Business With ManagementStudio

responsesource, April 2024.

ManagementStudio significantly accelerated the UK’s largest retail bank’s migration from Citrix to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), reducing the project timeline by nine months. By identifying and eliminating 6,000 unused desktops, the bank saved on AVD licensing costs and over £160,000 in resource-hours. ManagementStudio, integral to the bank for nearly a decade, facilitated numerous transformations, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency by centralising data and reducing manual errors.

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