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One console, limitless possibilities.

Capture information important to your business

Seamlessly connect with existing data sources to create a comprehensive picture of your business as you’ve never seen it before.  Baseline your business by tracking entities as they move through your project and operations, always knowing who is using what and where.

Control data-driven responses to change

Add context to business decisions with in-depth reporting and auditing.  Use real-time data to trigger automated workflows, improving user experience and service responsiveness.

Communicate with end-users and stakeholders

Leverage inbuilt communication tools to simplify communicating with end-users, stakeholders, and teams.  Build strong, productive relationships within your business that drive action and participation within your audience.

COLLABORATE. Bringing teams together.

Connect with colleagues, partners, and suppliers regardless of location and time zone.  Contribute to multiple workstreams and share updates from a single source of truth.

From migrations to mergers and acquisitions, ManagementStudio has something to help everyone


Migrations are often large and complex programmes of work, with many moving parts to track, and vast amounts of data to collect and analyse support the change. ManagementStudio enables organisations to accelerate their migration projects by aggregating data from multiple sources and providing a “single pane of glass” view of the estate to:

  • Fully understand the source and how it fits with the target system,
  • Prioritise workloads to migrate first,
  • Monitor progress and identify bottlenecks before becoming a problem,
  • Communicate and collaborate with end-users and all teams involved,
  • Standardise processes through tooling and automation.

This unique approach to migration management significantly reduces the costs and time taken to deliver migration projects and provides the project team with workflow, governance and audit.


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Mergers & Acquisitions

One of the key challenges with a merger or company acquisition is understanding how the companies fit together. We’re not just talking high level business processes. There has to be an understanding of all assets: Services, Applications, Devices, Servers, Data Centres, Offices, Teams, Business Areas, People and the inter-relationships between all of these.

So many Mergers, Acquisitions or Divestments either fail or end up costing far more than expected because no one had a real grasp of all the data available during the due diligence phases.

With ManagementStudio you are able to:

  • Capture disparate business data and create clear “knowledge with context” that can be used to model the new Operating Environment
  • Understand the inter relationships between services, applications, people, devices and the business processes
  • Define what-if strategies to understand cost implications of change
  • Use this knowledge as part of a coherent negotiation strategy
  • Understand how to integrate or divest companies to maximise savings and streamline assets

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Project Management Office
Every year organisations spend a significant amount of money delivering change into the business through the Project Management Office – PMO. Internal projects consume resources and time, constantly updating and changing the existing estate and infrastructure. Nearly always these projects are delivered within a framework specified by the PMO with the only common toolset being Excel and a few templates on SharePoint. Projects are often required to deliver significant change to users, devices, buildings, data centres, etc.. and often spend significant time developing workflow, change processes and comms to deliver that change. ManagementStudio brings structure allowing top-down command and control of projects but freeing project managers, project staff and engineering to do what they do best.
  • Emails
  • Surveys
  • Functional & User Acceptance Tests
  • Workflow
  • Automation
  • Build sheets
  • Defects
  • Tasks
  • Satisfaction Surveys
All the above functions and many, many more can be delivered within the system, rather than having to generate all of the collateral above, often with just the Microsoft Office suite. This will give PMO access to the status of the project at the click of a mouse and releasing people to deliver great value to their business rather than spending time reporting on previous activities. With the new Multi-Project capability, all of your major change and transformation projects can be managed on one unified platform.
Windows 11 Readiness

After the long-forgotten promise that Windows 10 was the last ever operating system from Microsoft, we’re back at the grindstone wondering how on earth the IT and Finance teams are going to slip through the news that another costly migration is on the way. Rather than seeing this as another large transformation project, we should be looking at the opportunity of completing this through the BAU lifecycle. Using ManagementStudio’s proven methodology of Capture, Control, Communicate, Collaborate we should be able to take on this challenge in our stride.

Using ManagementStudio we can:

  • Capture all of the device information we need from our existing toolsets (AD, SCCM SysTrack etc..)
  • Decide whether to Update, Upgrade or Replace each machine, placing them into the appropriate workflow
  • Complete many of the tasks associated with the above proceses through conditional, triggered or scheduled automation
  • Communicate what is happening to each of the device users
  • Collaborate effectively with other team members from different geographies, time zones and business areas
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What Our Customers Are Saying

For anyone trying to get better oversight, control, and analytics for your desktop environment, be that a migration or BAU, this product is well worth your consideration.   John Whitty Snr. EUC Solutions Architect, Asystec Customer using ManagementStudio is a Large Financial Institution

ManagementStudio has been fundamental to my current and my last Windows 10 migration projects over the last 4 years.   Dan Miszke Business Analyst Assurance and Investments Company

Happily using ManagementStudio to manage an intricate migration across brands. The commitment to constant improvement and enriching of this great suite is a reflection of the excellent support and feedback channels available to its customers.   John Cunningham Senior Product Manager Large National Retailer

Such a valuable product to any migration project, I wouldn’t be without it. There are some great features such as the powerful report builder (with added live feed into Excel/PowerBi), a modern interface, custom record types for migration such as Printers/Mailboxes, automation and great new segmentation, search and filtering controls.   Colin Bragg Senior Project Manager Large Manufacturer of Electrical Equipment

The team are fabulous to work with, guiding us every step of the way in fully utilising every aspect of the product set. Vital to our growth and governance starting in Application management but evolving to shape and guide our migrations across multiple platforms including the latest shifts in Operating Systems.   Stephen Wood Lead Technical Solution Architect Large Retail Group

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