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ManagementStudio shaves nine months off Citrix to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop migration

"ManagementStudio has changed everything"

 ManagementStudio provided a much-needed boost to Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust’s Windows 10 transformation project and resulted in savings of £726k.

Transformation as a Process

ManagementStudio enables organisations to manage complex migrations and transformations so that you can focus on delivering a great service to your users

Still Using Spreadsheets?

ManagementStudio can shave months off your migration timelines, whilst saving money, reducing risk and effort.

A Solution for Every Challenge

Windows Migrations

Upgrade to Windows 11

Bring the benefits of Windows 11 to your organisation. View your estate in a way never seen before, use smart tooling to inform strategy, and leverage automation to deliver a seamless migration.

Office 365 Migration

MigratING Email

Easily migrate to a new on-premise Exchange solution or Office 365 service.  Preserve user access to all mailboxes, restore permissions and automatically migrate users without any input from IT.

BAU Operational Servicing

BAU & Servicing

Take your service management to new levels. Control the rollout of software updates and Windows Feature Releases, use business logic to maximise user productivity and reduce demand on the service desk.

Windows 11 Readiness

Windows 11 Readiness

Get ready for a new era in Windows computing. View device compatibility, identify devices to upgrade or mark for replacement, get a head start on ordering new devices and creating an upgrade plan.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Navigate the sale or merger of your business. Create interlinked, contextual knowledge for your due diligence team, deploy a controlled workflow for smooth post acquisition integration.

Cloud Migration

Embrace the Cloud

Extend server hosting to private cloud, Azure or AWS. Rollout your new server strategy confident that all infrastructure interdependencies are captured, ensuring maximum service uptime. 

File migration to OneDrive

File Migrations

Data underpins everything that your business does. Capture the nuances of file shares to ensure that data is successfully migrated and information important to your business isn’t lost.

Application Lifecycle Management

Application Lifecycle

Providing the foundations of proactive application management. Standardise the application catalogue and reduce sprawl, manage from deployment to servicing and  retirement, track licensing and usage.

Harmonising HR data

Harmonising HR Data

Build the ultimate employee knowledge base. Aggregate data from multiple systems including user-initiated updates, automate the JML process, allocate system access in real-time when policies are accepted.

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Want to see if ManagementStudio could be a good fit for your business?  Take a look at our overview video to see what we’re about.

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Our Customers

What People Are Saying

It's Absolute Dynamite!

With over 6,000 devices to migrate, Brunel University chose ManagementStudio due to its ability to provide a clear understanding of the current estate, optimised planning for the migration, unified communications and fully automated deployments.

For anyone trying to get better oversight, control, and analytics for your desktop environment, be that a migration or BAU, this product is well worth your consideration.


John Whitty
Snr. EUC Solutions Architect, Asystec
Customer using ManagementStudio is a Large Financial Institution

The team are fabulous to work with, guiding us every step of the way in fully utilising every aspect of the product set. Vital to our growth and governance starting in Application management but evolving to shape and guide our migrations across multiple platforms including the latest shifts in Operating Systems.


Stephen Wood
Lead Technical Solution Architect
Large Retail Group

Such a valuable product to any migration project, I wouldn’t be without it.

There are some great features such as the powerful report builder (with added live feed into Excel/PowerBi), a modern interface, custom record types for migration such as Printers/Mailboxes, automation and great new segmentation, search and filtering controls.


Colin Bragg
Senior Project Manager
Large Manufacturer of Electrical Equipment

Happily using ManagementStudio to manage an intricate migration across brands.

The commitment to constant improvement and enriching of this great suite is a reflection of the excellent support and feedback channels available to its customers.


John Cunningham
Senior Product Manager
Large National Retailer

ManagementStudio has been fundamental to my current and my last Windows 10 migration projects over the last 4 years.


Dan Miszke
Business Analyst
Assurance and Investments Company

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