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Multi-Language, Conditional Emails

Written by Ben Cook

Ben has been helping organisations with enterprise application delivery and system migrations for over 15 years. Ben joined the ManagementStudio team in 2015 as a Senior Product Specialist. He's based in Hackney, London, where he loves to spend time with his family, cook and keep fit through cycling.

June 15, 2023

Managing IT operations and implementing change programmes/migrations can pose communication challenges when dealing with multinational customers who speak various languages. Engaging end-users in these scenarios becomes vital to ensuring the success of evergreen IT management and change initiatives. Overcoming language barriers through targeted and inclusive communications allows for better user engagement, understanding, and adoption of new technologies and processes, which ultimately results in happier users and higher productivity. What’s not to like?

ManagementStudio is designed from the ground-up to manage conditional emails, including support for multiple languages. This functionality empowers project teams, communication teams, and others to effortlessly send visually appealing HTML email content in the language of the recipient. These emails can be sent on a predefined schedule or triggered by specific events, such as when a user’s applications are ready or when the user completes a survey. It’s an incredibly powerful feature which is being utilised by many of our customers.

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