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Creating Dynamic Blueprints from Reports

DMR to Blueprint

Written by Ben Cook

Ben has been helping organisations with enterprise application delivery and system migrations for over 15 years. Ben joined the ManagementStudio team in 2015 as a Senior Product Specialist. He's based in Hackney, London, where he loves to spend time with his family, cook and keep fit through cycling.

September 21, 2022

ManagementStudio can add a huge amount of value to IT programmes when its automation engine is fully realised. There are two key features within the solution which, when combined, can help drive automation tasks, saving a lot of time and effort and eliminating problems from human errors.

Feature 1: Datamining Reports (DMR) provide a quick and easy way to produce a bespoke report which can list a set of users, applications or devices (or a combination of all three) based on a certain set of criteria.

Feature 2: Blueprints are a powerful way to group users, applications or devices to use as a pivot point for reports, or group for automation tasks.

Wouldn’t it be useful to combine these two? So create a report with custom criteria, then use the report output (a custom set of users/apps/devices) to populate a Blueprint and drive automation. 

Maybe users should only receive a survey when their device goes out of warranty? Maybe devices should be scheduled for a deployment if they are ready for Windiws 11? The possibilities are endless!

This solution article shows how it can be achieved.

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