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A New Way to Manage Your Apps

Written by Matt Walker

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September 16, 2022


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If you’re involved with managing your application estate, you’re going to love what we’re about to launch!

What’s Your App Management Strategy?

We get to work with a lot of customers in different sectors, but there’s one common theme across most organisations: the inflection point for the application portfolio tends to happen as part of a larger transformation project like a Windows migration, licensing true ups, or replacing packaging and delivery technologies.

And to an extent, this makes sense.  You’re moving to a new environment and it’s a great opportunity to review what’s out there, standardise your application catalogue, and take control of the application sprawl that inevitably happens.

Hitting a Moving Target

We see customers with thousands – sometimes tens of thousands – of applications in use across the estate. For every application discovered, you’ll need to decide whether it’s relevant and what should happen moving forward.  This process is incredibly time consuming and can take anything from a couple of weeks to several months to complete.  In the meantime, everything else in your project is on hold until this work is completed.

As you can imagine, there’s usually a lot of focus at this early stage so that we can make a start on what the project was really setup to do!

But here’s the rub. Products will continue to update themselves and new apps will be discovered in the weeks that follow. That nice clean list of consolidated apps will quickly get out of control if you’re not actively monitoring what’s being used. By the time your project has finished, some of the apps that have been packaged could already be out of date!

So What Can You Do?

Ever since our company was founded, we have made products that have helped customers to discover what applications they really need to prioritise but there was always a piece missing. Rationalising the applications at the start of a project and monitoring change during BAU was always a manually intensive activity that our customers had to do.

Until now…

Let’s Do Things Differently

On Wednesday 12th October 2022, we’re launching our new Application Confidence Engine that can help reduce the effort of standardising your applications by as much as 80%.  You read that right, 80%!

Not only that, the Confidence Engine also helps in BAU by automating the decisions about what should happen to new discovered applications.

Join us at our latest social event in London to help us celebrate the launch of the Application Confidence Engine and be one of the first to see how ManagementStudio can change how you manage your business processes.

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