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Quick Tips #1: DMR – Favoriting / Add to left Nav

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Written by Richard Hynes

As one of the company founders, Richard is passionate about creating software that helps organisations to manage complex transformation programmes.

December 14, 2022


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The Datamining Report is one of the most used features of ManagementStudio and to speed up using the DMR you can ‘favorite’ reports that you or others have created.

Favorited reports appear in both the Ribbon above the main grid and in the Left Nav jump menu.

Note: The UI must be restarted after Favoriting a report to appear in the ribbon/Nav.

Bonus Tip: Using Favorites along with the context of the DMR can create powerful workspaces to quickly do jobs like updating Apps, assigning Users, creating defect etc.


Click the ‘Datamining Report’ button in the Ribbon Menu

Click ‘Menu’ in the top left of the window

Find the Report(s) to favorite and click the heart icon. Clicking the heart again will remove the report from your favorites.

Reload the UI

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